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Bellman Luggage Cart Is an Essential Part Of A Luxury Hotel
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Bellman Luggage Cart Is an Essential Part Of A Luxury Hotel

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Bellman Luggage Cart Is an Essential Part Of A Luxury Hotel

Hotel Bellman luggage carts grace nearly every hotel lobby in the country, and choosing the perfect bellhop cart can start your guests off on the right foot. With multiple types of cart to choose from, our collection is sure to contain a cart that matches the needs and aesthetic of your establishment. While bellman carts mainly serve a functional role, they are also large, noticeable pieces that contribute to guests' perception of your establishment.


Upright-type hotel Bellman luggage carts have large platforms with bars overhead on which guests can hang clothes that need to be kept unwrinkled. These are perhaps the most recognizable style of bellman cart and can be used easily by both guests and bellhops. The ends of these bellhop carts have bars of some sort that hold the overhead hanger while preventing suitcases from falling off the back as the cart is rolled to rooms. Most establishments without dedicated bellhops will want this style of cart as it is easy to use, convenient, and familiar to your guests. The other main category is truck-type carts.


These work the same as shipping dollies and enable the operator to move heavy luggage with ease. If you have bellhops moving luggage long distances, these dolly-type carts can be easier to use than upright carts.


Besides type and size, operators will need to determine the appropriate hotel luggage cart design for their needs. They come in various colors, materials, and finishes, so every hotel can find one with the right accents to match its lobby. Many bellhop carts have a carpet flooring that keeps luggage from getting scratched while also providing texture and color. Operators can choose from red, black, gray, green, brown, and more to add complementary colors to their establishments.


Don't forget to pair your bellman carts with in-room luggage racks that give guests convenient places to put their suitcases.

Hotel luggage carts offer your clients an additional service with improved efficiency , saving time and energy for your staff. If you have a hotel or an accommodation facility, Apir can meet your needs in terms of transport of luggage and clothes with its wide range of luggage carts.


Robustness: from a cart with an innovative design meant for internal use, to a more solid model for external use

Functionality: from folding cart with fixed or swivel wheels

All Laicozy's luggage carts are easy to handle, elegant and customisable in terms of colours and finishings. For greater safety all models are equipped with shockproof rubber protection applied to the cart board or applied to the swivel wheels.

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