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Causes Of No Liquid From The Soap Dispenser
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Causes Of No Liquid From The Soap Dispenser

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Soap dispensers are also called soap dispensers and soap dispensers, which are characterized by automatic dispensing of hand sanitizer and are widely used in public toilets. Most of the soap dispensers on the market nowadays are fully automatic sensing liquid, you can use the soap liquid to clean your hands without touching it, which is very convenient and hygienic. When we use the soap dispenser, we often encounter the situation that the soap dispenser does not dispense liquid, so what is the reason for the lack of liquid from the soap dispenser?

The reason why the soap dispenser does not drain

1. The hand sanitizer is gone

This is a very easy solution, just add hand sanitizer

2, the hand sanitizer is thicker

Solution: if the hand sanitizer is too thick, the liquid will not flow smoothly, or the liquid outlet will be blocked and the hand sanitizer can not be delivered to the soap dispenser. You can fill the soap container with an appropriate amount of water to dilute the hand sanitizer. Whether it is a hand-push type or an induction type soap dispenser

3. Inferior soap dispenser

There are many types of soap dispensers on the market. Manufacturers have different quality and public welfare, and it is easy to buy inferior soap dispensers. Inferior soap dispensers usually have a short lifespan and have many problems during use. For example, some soap dispensers use inferior materials. This kind of soap dispenser will take a long time to use, and the hand sanitizer will be black; inferior quality The soap dispenser sensor is not sensitive and sometimes has no effect when the liquid is discharged, which affects the use; if the liquid is not filtered, the soap outlet of this soap dispenser is often blocked, and hand sanitizer is not discharged.

Solution: It is recommended to choose formal channels when buying, try to choose big brands, and the quality is guaranteed

4. Too much internal air

Solution: The main way to give the soap dispenser hand sanitizer is to press the liquid pipe. If there is too much air in the liquid pipe, it will be difficult to press the hand sanitizer. You can take out the pressing tube on the outside of the soap dispenser, and then clean the excess hand sanitizer outside, pour in clean water and press or use a soap dispenser to exhaust the air in the outlet tube.

5. The spring is old and broken

Solution: The spring in the soap dispenser is used to support the pressing of the hand sanitizer. If the spring in the soap dispenser is aging or broken, the hand sanitizer will not be able to be pressed out. If the spring is broken, replace it with a new one.

Generally, the pump head is blocked. There is a foam-generating mesh structure in the foam hand sanitizer pump head. Air and hand sanitizer will pass through this net. If there are dust and fibers in the air and hand sanitizer, the net will be blocked. Produce bubbles. The push-type pump heads on the market generally only use a bottle of hand sanitizer for the time it takes to block out bubbles.

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