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Classification And Use Of Luggage Carts
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Classification And Use Of Luggage Carts

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Classification of luggage carts

Classified by material: aluminum alloy luggage cart, stainless steel luggage cart, iron tube luggage cart, etc.

Aluminum alloy luggage trolley: refers to luggage trolleys that are made of aluminum alloy for the part and the whole body; aluminum alloy has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, and strong bearing capacity, which is the main trend of light luggage trolleys!

Stainless steel luggage cart: refers to the luggage cart whose body is basically made of stainless steel; stainless steel has the advantages of high strength, strong corrosion resistance, and long service life. The disadvantage is that the weight is high. In order to reduce the weight, only the thickness of the steel pipe of the structure Reduction, indirectly also sacrifices the carrying capacity!

Iron tube luggage cart: refers to the luggage cart made of iron as the body; the iron tube is light in weight, relatively good carrying capacity, but poor in corrosion resistance!

Classified by purpose: shopping carts, grocery shopping carts, logistics carts, portable luggage carts, etc.

Shopping cart: refers to supermarket shopping carts and small shopping carts for personal use; it consists of baskets, trolleys, turrets, and wheels! The basket can be used to store items, people only need to pull the lever and push the handle, which is convenient for shopping and saves effort!

Grocery shopping cart: As the name implies, it is a luggage cart used to store vegetables and other foods when shopping; it not only allows you to choose more foods, but also saves energy!

Logistics trolley: refers to a kind of luggage trolley used in logistics consignment and shipment. It can not only improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, but also save the effort of loading and unloading personnel and reduce labor; it has high strength, strong carrying capacity, and light weight. An indispensable auxiliary tool in the middle!

Portable luggage trolley: refers to a small luggage trolley used when we travel or need to carry some larger or heavier items; it is light to use, foldable, and convenient to use and store!

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