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Crowd Control Barrier Stanchion Post
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Crowd Control Barrier Stanchion Post

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Stanchion post are ideal for setting up queue lines and crowd control barriers. They help guiding your customers into an organized line and are perfect for controlling the flow of traffic in public place or personal own stores. Rope stanchions add a degree of grandeur to establishments with luxurious velvet ropes, it is often seen in hotel wedding party and convention hall. Retractable belt stanchions are a staple for most businesses that are looking for a way to form organized lines. They come as stand-alone stanchions, but we also carry wall mounted belts and receivers.


Our Deluxe crowd control stanchion posts are a perfect way to guide your customers in a specific direction and keep waiting lines more organized in the most elegant way possible.

Our Stainless-steel Crowd control stanchion post features an ultra-strong, heavy and stable domed base and post, minimizing the risk of tipping or falling during use.

The heavy-duty cotton core construction of this rope provides a smooth even drape between any type of rope stanchion. The plush velour cover is available in a choice of seven colors and can be supplied with either snap or hook ends. Our Braided Rope is made from hard-wearing Polypropylene and has a soft luxurious feel that makes it ideal for rope stanchion applications such as banks, casinos, and churches. Both Velour Ropes and Braised ropes has different colors available and size can be customized to fit your decoration.


They also come with full rubber seal around the bottom, ensuring that they won't scratch your floors to protect your place.

Laicozy’ Deluxe crowd control stanchion are some of the most commonly used and affordable systems in the hotel industry. This site offers queue guide stanchion units and accessories including ropes, posts, changeable sign headers, customized signage and a variety of belt & pole colors. Organize the audience in any desired fashion. Crowd control posts are for movie theaters, banquet halls, hotels, and other locations. Coordinate large audiences by setting up structured lines and waiting areas. Queue rope stanchions help give business owners control over large crowds.

The portable luxury queue guide posts will enhance any decor for use in airp orts, banks, lobbies, theaters, hotels, museums, car shows, super mall, and stadium.


For more details please contact with us.



crowd control barrier post

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