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Crowd Control Rope Barrier Guidance Stanchion
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Crowd Control Rope Barrier Guidance Stanchion

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Why hotels and assorts needs stanchion post? Coz it easily organizes the entrance to your hotel, night club, or casino with this sturdy stanchion guidance pole with luxury outlook. Designed with efficiency in mind, this pole is a simple way to keep entrance and exit lines safe and orderly. The sleek design saves space and makes it easy to store this pole when it's not in use. This sturdy stanchion guidance stanchion post will offer reliable assistance in controlling crowds safely.


Laicozy brings you high end style and quality at good prices. We have the silver and gold metal stanchion and aluminum rope pole you are expecting. Many different designs to meet your hotel’s styles.


Our crowd control barriers are industry standard 40” tall, no skimping on the stainless steel for these rope barrier posts. The urn, ball, and flat top versions all have high-density heavy weight cement bases with rubber feet. They are available in black, gold, or chrome barrier posts. Finally, the base and post combination feature an easy to assemble, guaranteed to stay straight design even when guests occasionally lean on those nice red velvet ropes or twisted poly rope. The Velour rope twisted poly rope have many colors for option with strong ø32 silver "Q" hooks, Length is 1.5m long, while we could also customize the length for you.

For luxury hotel, red color is always the most popular one.


If you have no idea how to choose. Please contact laicozy for professional suggestion.




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