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Definition Of Luggage Cart
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Definition Of Luggage Cart

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Luggage carts refer to railway passenger cars used to transport luggage and parcels. The mark symbol is "XL". It is arranged on the front or rear of the passenger train to separate the vehicle carrying passengers from the locomotive. One end of the luggage car is the luggage room, which occupies about 3/4 of the length of the car body. There are two double sliding doors on each side of the luggage room, which are usually suspended by a hanger with rollers. Sliding on the track. The floor is covered with wooden drain grids. The other end of the baggage cart is equipped with a passing counter, a bellman's office, an independent heating boiler room, a vehicle inspection crew tool room, a toilet and a cleaning room. The bellman's office is equipped with a desk, a letter box, a safe, a swivel chair, an electric bell, a desk lamp, and there are doors and observation windows leading to the luggage room.

Vehicles equipped with luggage room, office and other equipment for passengers to transport luggage and parcels. In view of my country's national conditions, there are many occasions when luggage carts act as trucks.

It is a trolley, grocery shopping cart, logistics trolley, hotel service cart, etc. that can be used in daily life to assist in carrying goods and personal luggage.

In my country, there are luggage compartments on passenger trains, which are specially used to store large luggage items of passengers. The abbreviation for luggage cart in my country is "XL", which is the abbreviation of the first two initials of Pinyin Xing Li che.

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