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Different Classifications Of Trolleys
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Different Classifications Of Trolleys

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Trolleys for different purposes have different body structures. Most general four-wheel trolleys have a cargo platform. Special trolleys have a variety of structures, some of which are made into a box shape, suitable for carrying light weight and easy to load and unload items; some of the body extends out of the bracket to facilitate the placement of parts such as rods, axles and tubes; some of the body is completely shaped It is consistent with the cargo, such as a gas cylinder car; some are very small and can be folded for easy carrying; some are convenient for loading and unloading barreled liquids, paper rolls and other cylindrical goods. There are two flat steels on the car body to form a low slope. Conducive to the roll up and down of cylindrical objects, such as cylindrical cargo loading and unloading vehicles. Modern trolleys are equipped with rolling bearings, and the wheels use solid tires or pneumatic tires.

The anti-static trolley is made of stainless steel frame, wire mesh plate, steel column and anti-static nylon wheels. The four corner cylinders of the mesh plate are equipped with adjusting clamps and adjusting grooves. It is light and flexible. The steel column is recessed into the groove ring and takes over every inch. The sheet protruding coil is assembled together, and the required height can be adjusted according to the needs and the characteristics of effective discharge of electrostatic charge can be adjusted quickly and convenient to use. Rugged and durable, the laminates are divided into two types: mesh and plate, with a bridge structure, and the load-bearing distribution is even.

The trolley has different specifications according to the different needs of the use (for example: single-layer, double-layer, hand-pull, hand-push, etc.). When selecting, you need to make a reasonable choice according to the weight and size of the load.

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