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Do You Know The Related Problems Of Smart Hand Sanitizer?
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Do You Know The Related Problems Of Smart Hand Sanitizer?

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We know that the main route of transmission of the virus, in addition to direct inhalation of the mouth and nose, and hand contact! Hands are the parts that are in frequent contact with the outside world. Our hands are exposed to many bacteria and germs, intentionally or unintentionally every day. Therefore, in addition to masks, hand protection also needs to be taken seriously!

The importance of daily disinfection and hand washing is self-evident. But in school, parents cannot guarantee that they are always with their children, and it is impossible for children to sit in their own places at school. He has to go to the bathroom, eat, and have contact with many people. When students are in school, it is difficult to guarantee that they can wash their hands anytime and anywhere. Therefore, disposable disinfection products have become a necessity for every student.

The smart hand sanitizer can be used more than 300,000 times. The built-in gel bag can be easily replaced. It can be placed in offices, homes, classrooms, restaurants and other places. It can provide scientific and thorough health protection through "washing hands frequently".

Issues related to smart hand sanitizer

1. Smart hand sanitizer, matched with non-flammable, explosive, mild and safe medical disposable gel, which can spray eyes, nose and mouth, and directly treat wounds.

2. Non-flammable, explosive and safe medical disposable gel, which has a 99% effective sterilization effect against viruses with low exosome survival rate. Please consult our staff for purchase.

3. The sterilizing liquid capacity of the sterilizer is 1000 ml, which will be shipped together with the equipment.

4. There are few products of the same quality on the market. Lukai Intelligent Advantage: After many tests and market break-in, the gel capacity is 1000ml, long standby time, good sensitivity, liquid uniformity, and extremely low after-sales repair rate.

5. The gel can be sprayed for 2000 times once, the battery can be used for more than 80,000 times, and the machine life can reach more than 300,000 times.

6. The machine is a spraying machine and does not need to be certified, but the quality of the whole machine is EU CE certification. The original disinfectant is certified.

7. The built-in disinfection gel in the machine can be purchased from our company.

8. Requirements for the matching liquid of the smart hand sanitizer: 75% alcohol sanitizing gel (pay attention to safety matters).

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