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Foot Pedal Hand Sanitizer Stands
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Foot Pedal Hand Sanitizer Stands

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Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand with Drip Guard is a hands-free infection prevention stand that provides hand sanitizer for visitors and guests. It helps build infection control awareness in your organization and prevent respiratory infections in healthcare facilities. The Sanitizer Dispenser Stand with Drip Guard makes hand sanitizer easily accessible to children, wheelchairs, elderly patients as well as adults.

The Standing Hand Sanitizer Stand includes: Hand Sanitizer Stand with Drip Guard and Weighted Base (dispenser and hand sanitizer not included).

Laicozy’s foot pedal hand sanitizer stands include a touch-free dispenser, steel base, and optional sign. Stand is constructed from durable, rust-proof powder-coated stainless steel with heavy base. Sturdy weighted base! Unlike a lot of the cheap stands on the market this stands weighted base helps keep it upright so it works in any environment. Top sign and sign frame are optional. No installation required, but base can be bolted to the floor. this stand is versatile and easy to assemble.

It is 100% hands free foot pedal activated hand sanitizer dispenser station. With a simple foot pedal design, adjustable height platform for various sized bottles, and sturdy construction, these stands are great for medical offices, retail, warehouses, hospitals, schools and more.


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