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Hotel Foldable Luggage Rack
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Hotel Foldable Luggage Rack

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The Luggage rack for hotel normally has too kinds of material for option, one is metal,one is wood.


Metal luggage stand with reinforced black strapping is an economical amenity for guest rooms. Large enough for any suitcase yet folds easily to reduce storage space. Very popular with hotels and easy for decoration of modern style. Strong and large enough to hold any suitcase. Stainless steel reinforced with strong black straps with polished gold finish or brush finish and folds up easily for convenient storage

The wooden folding luggage rack features a sturdy hardwood frame designed to store and make your luggage easily accessible for quick unpacking. The frame's convenient folding design makes it easy to retrieve when you need and to fold it when you don't. Sturdy and washable supports straps attached to the frame hold your belongings in place.  The frame has an attractive natural finish sure to add an authentic touch to any decor. When your hotel uses a wooden feeling tile, it would be a good choice. Or maybe your hotel is near the forest or beach, then you need a natural furniture to fit for the environment, then it is a perfect one to décor.

Laicozy manufacture different kinds of stainless-steel folding luggage stand and wooden luggage rack. All with great quality to fit for 4-5 star hotel. Welcome to contact with us for further more information.


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