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Hotel Luggage Rack Collection
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Hotel Luggage Rack Collection

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Hotel Luggage Rack Collection

A luggage rack is one of those items that offers simple convenience to countless hotel guests. Compact, useful and a must in all hotel rooms. This folding case stand means that suitcases no longer have to be placed on freshly made beds. Ensure guests have somewhere to put luggage besides the floor or the bed. Every guest room with a durable and convenient space for guests to set their belongings. With its square tube metal and brushed stainless steel. luggage rack provides the strong, long-lasting support your guests need to hold the bulkiest of bags. It is an indispensable feature of every guest room with rear bar to prevent slipping.Easy folding mechanism is for space-saving storage


Our luggage rack collection features racks made into a traditional rack design, with X-cross legs supporting strips on the rack with end caps, durable material. This style is popular due to the ease of picking up the rack and moving it to other areas in the room. The rack can be placed against a wall, at the end of a bed or inside a closet, without taking up too much space in the room.

Every hotel room is different, we offer hotel luggage stand racks with wooden frames and metal frames. All racks are designed to hold the weight of one piece of luggage. You could choose or customize the luggage rack according to your room decoration.


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Hotel Wooden Luggage Rack




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