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Hotel Room Service Folding Table
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Hotel Room Service Folding Table

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Hotel Room Service Folding Table

Room service is part of the hotel operations where they serve food conveniently to their respective guest rooms by just calling the room service department and place order of food & drinks to be sent to their room. And how to deliver the good directly to the room and still keep the food fresh is a good question. The answer is the room service table with a hot box can improve your room service.


Laicozy room service folding tables offer a quality room service solution. Made by stainless steel frame, this model is with hot box storage in place of our fixed rails. Set up the table in the room, or transport it ready for use; the flaps can be folded down to enable access through even narrow doorways. A stainless-steel warmer can be attached under the table. We’ve dealt with your awkward pull-out rods on the wings, through an automatic locking mechanism. Automatic locking wings eliminate the need for un-hygienic and time-consuming pull-out rods. 4-post leg design eliminates inherent see-saw of tops. Precision casters effortlessly glide to reduce pull-push forces. The room service trolley is practicality and compact style with space saving design. Most importantly, we’ve rejuvenated your expectations of this standard t-frame model.


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Room Service Trolley

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