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How Can Room Service Table Help Hotel Service
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How Can Room Service Table Help Hotel Service

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What we have been hearing from many Hotel and Resort kitchens is that their current room service trolleys are proving difficult to maneuver, they don’t hold enough prepared meals, and in many cases are not equipped to deliver meals at exact and optimal temperatures.

If you have such problem, please contact with Laicozy,we can help you with our professional design folding room service table with hot box.

The volume of meals that can be delivered at once is minimal. In many of these venues service staff will cover great distances up and down lifts and long corridors. A room service trolley system with more capacity; that glides in and out of tight spaces with ease and doesn’t create a larger footprint is long overdue.


When room service is a luxury, the manner in which it is delivered should also be luxurious, fast, high quality and efficient. We’ve been working to design a unique solution for our hotel kitchens, their delivery staff and their guests.


Our room service trolly is flexible Tri-fold design with staninless steel round tubular construction.
25cm plywood table top Heavy duty top leaf hinging system with Ultra-lock feature that retains drop leaves in horizontal position. The Laicozy room service trolley has four-inch wheels, two with break. available in 25cm plywood table top are available in wooden finish, black finish, Stainless steel tubular construction available.


Just contact with us for more styles.


We could provide ODM and OEM service for you as well.




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