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How To Choose A Car Luggage Rack
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How To Choose A Car Luggage Rack

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The car luggage rack has both aesthetic and practical functions, which can make the shape of the car cooler, and it can also come in handy when you travel. It can carry things that can't fit in the luggage compartment, such as bulky luggage, bicycles, folding beds, etc. As long as the owner fixes the cargo in place, especially if a luggage rope net is added to the cargo, more things can be carried.

how to choose

1. The primary consideration for choosing a car luggage rack is product safety: all brands that pay attention to product safety will carry out strict testing and obtain relevant certifications on the products they sell. The more authoritative product safety testing and certification standards are mainly the German TUV certification. Certified products can allow consumers around the world to buy with confidence, but the certified brands are mainly foreign brands;

2. Pay attention to the maximum load capacity of the car luggage rack: the load capacity ultimately depends on the design load capacity of the roof, and it is recommended to avoid overloading;

3. Pay attention to the compatibility of the car luggage rack: this mainly depends on the fixing method of the roof equipment;

4. Pay attention to wind resistance and wind noise: more and more riders are paying attention to the problem of wind resistance and wind noise during driving. Wind resistance will increase fuel consumption and also bring wind noise;

5. Comparing appearance and shape: Traditional roof racks are designed with two through-sides, and the crossbars will extend from the roof to both sides. This style of car roof rack needs to consider the overall coordination with the body. Beautiful; some brands have original car luggage racks, just like custom-made cars, they can also be carried, which are both beautiful and practical;

6. Be clear about your purpose: If you buy a car luggage rack purely for work, and you want more space to carry, then obviously the traditional two-sided through-type roof rack is more suitable for you. If you install a roof rack for occasional use and hope that the roof rack can stay on the roof for a long time, it is strong and beautiful, you can choose a new type of car roof rack;

7. Anti-theft and other-personalized design: Is it convenient to design, assemble and install the lock core and key, whether it is installed without damage, and what is the anti-theft performance?

8. Understand the key parameters when choosing: brand, cost performance, material, fixing method, noise level during use, aesthetics, load-bearing weight, safety lock, adaptation to the model, whether the height of the feet affects the skylight, whether it is the actual load or decoration Beautiful and so on.

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