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How To Use Soap Dispenser Correctly
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How To Use Soap Dispenser Correctly

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1. When using the soap dispenser for the first time, first use the clean water to drain the vacuum inside. When using the soap dispenser, the inner bottle and pump head may contain some clean water when using the soap dispenser product for the first time. , If we have this problem during the first use, don’t worry, because this is not the quality of the product but is left over from the inspection before the product leaves the factory. Of course, it is not necessarily there, it is possible.

2. If the soap liquid in the soap dispenser is too thick, it may make the soap dispenser not liquid. So in order to dilute the soap, you can add a little water to the soap dispenser’s soap dispenser. The liquid can be discharged.

3. The dust and impurities in the soap will block the outlet, so if you notice that the soap in the soap dispenser has changed, then you should change the soap in time to avoid blocking Trouble with the outlet of the soap dispenser.

4. If the soap dispenser is left for a period of time, some soap may condense. At this time, the following solutions can be used. (1) If the amount of soap is small, it can be stirred with warm water. The soap is reduced to liquid. (2) If the above method is not feasible, remove the agglomerated soap, add warm water, and use the soap dispenser many times until the warm water drains from the soap dispenser. It is to clean the entire soap dispenser, and then add the soap again to use it.

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