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Installation And Method Of Alarm For Lack Of Soap In Soap Dispenser
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Installation And Method Of Alarm For Lack Of Soap In Soap Dispenser

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Soap dispenser is also known as automatic soap dispenser, automatic soap dispenser, possibly soap dispenser, soap dispenser. Soap dispenser is a sanitary appliance used for secondary purification of the user's hand when washing hands to avoid touching the hands. It is mainly used in star hotels, restaurants, hotels, public places, hospitals, airports, household appliances, pharmaceuticals, etc. Food, chemicals, electronics, high-end office buildings, large shopping malls, large entertainment venues, large banquet halls, hot spring resorts, kindergartens, campuses, banks, airport terminals, families and other places. Soap dispensers generally include a tap, a soap bottle, a dispensing mechanism for hydraulically discharging the soap in the soap bottle, and a pressure button for driving the dispensing mechanism.

In the existing skills, it is necessary to manually add soap to the soap bottle to ensure the normal use of the soap dispenser. If the soap is not found to be used up in time, it will be because the soap is not added in time. It affects the normal use of the soap dispenser, brings a lot of convenience to users, and seriously affects user experience.

In view of the above-mentioned shortcomings of the existing technology, the purpose of the invention is to provide an installation and method for the lack of warning of the soap dispenser, which automatically prompts the user to add soap to ensure the normal use of the soap dispenser.

In order to accomplish the above and other related purposes, the present invention provides a soap dispenser lacking alarm device, which includes the body of the soap dispenser, a water level sensor module, a communication module and a micro-processing module; the water level sensor module, The communication module and the micro treatment module are both arranged on the soap dispenser body, the water level sensor module and the communication module are both connected with the micro treatment module; the setting of the water level sensor module It is on the inner wall of the soap dispenser body; the micro-processing module is used to receive and store the remaining volume data of the soap; the communication module is used to send the alarm information to the user terminal.

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