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Installation Of Car Luggage Rack
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Installation Of Car Luggage Rack

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The installation of the car luggage rack depends on your own model. Some cars have already installed the luggage rack before leaving the factory. If you don’t like it, you can replace it with your favorite type or remove it. Some cars are not equipped with luggage racks when they leave the factory, but there is a place on the roof for the owners to install luggage racks later. 

The owner only needs to check whether the seat installation space and the seat support position are reserved on the roof. Generally, there are reserved screws on the roof. The luggage rack leak-proof and anti-rust work is more complicated. For those cars that do not have a reserved installation position, the owner should not install it by himself, so as not to affect the later use of the vehicle, and the safety of the luggage rack is not reserved in advance. Those models are good.

After installing the luggage rack, pay attention to the following: (1) Regularly check the tightness of the screws, preferably once every 10 days; (2) The goods should be tied or fixed on the luggage rack and placed evenly. If there is no flexibility, a baggage net should be added; (3) Try to avoid emergency braking during driving; (4) The cargo cannot exceed the design capacity of the luggage rack, which is generally 30-50 kg.

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