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Laicozy's Wet Wipes Dispenser Station
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Laicozy's Wet Wipes Dispenser Station

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Laicozy offers three types of Wet Wipes Dispenser Station, a free-standing dispenser with an integrated bin, table top wipes dispenser stand and mini wall mounted wet wipe dispenser station. They are good for fitness gyms, hospitals, offices, schools, canteens, food industry, Super malls, Coffee Shops, etc.


Free standing dispenser station with an integrated waste bin

Free Standing Wet Wipe dispenser with Integrated Bin to hold heavy duty wipes. Holds up to 1000 wet wipes. The sanitizing wipes dispenser station is ideal for petrol stations, gyms, supermarkets, factories and schools.


The Wet Wipes Dispenser Station can be used to hold a range of wipes such as sanitizing wipes.

Wet wipes dispenser station has wipes which are specially formulated to be kind to hands but tough on germs and bacteria on surfaces. The wipes will kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses such as influenza, E Coli and Listeria.


Mini Wall Mounted Wet Wipes dispenser

Designed to meet high usage demands whilst using minimal space, this dispenser can hold 500, 100% recyclable, biodegradable wipes and can be strategically placed to best suit your needs, such as bathroom, or hands washing place in KFC.


Portable Table Top Wet Wipes Dispenser Stand

Good for home, outdoor picnic, BBQ, Birthday party, events.

Highly effective on hands & equipment killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

Single use, hygienic wipe, no more spray bottles or shared cloths

Encourages one wipe at a time to avoid waste


We have many colors for option and if you need OEM,we could add logo on the items.




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