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Modern Windproof Ashtray
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Modern Windproof Ashtray

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When it comes to clean up after smokers, it is something that establishments that serve drinks and alcohol and have any manner of outside space, usually have to put up with; leaving a member of staff with a dustpan and brush to clean up discarded cigarette butts at the end of the evening. It is too tired to clean up.

A windproof ashtray is a great way of providing a central point or a few central points for smokers to congregate around and put their stubs out in. ensuring that every table has a table top ashtray for disposing of ugly and smelly cigarette butts.

Take a bit of time to hunt down the best ashtray for your home or office. There are a wide variety of designs that are out there on the market today. From variations in color, shape and size, the perfect ashtray should be one that achieves functionality without standing out like a sore thumb among your decor.


Now our beautiful round windproof ashtray is your good choice. The stainless-steel ashtray is modern style and easy to be part of your decoration.


It is suitable to be put in bar, hotel restaurant, Lounge, Patio, coffee shop, and home.


If you need more detail, please contact with Laicozy by below email:


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