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Multi-Functional Housekeeping Trolley Maid Cart
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Multi-Functional Housekeeping Trolley Maid Cart

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The housekeeping cleaning cart is a multifunction trolley that is used for hospitality work and can load heavy items. The most common use of housekeeping carts is in hotels and motels. The trolley is used to carry the cleaning accessories such as sprays, cleaning scrub, water and bedsheets. It is largely used when the rooms are cleaned and the bedsheets are changed. The entire room is cleaned and sanitized for which all the materials are kept on the trolley. It is even used to serve the food. The housekeeping trolley emphasizes convenience and superior quality services.


The trolley has bumpers and wheels that makes it easy to move. The cart is made of stainless steel having several different sizes drawers that can be even taken off when you want to change items on the cart. It consists of a washable bag with small pockets that can be used to keep tiny items. It is available in different colors and sizes that can be chosen as per the need.


Housekeeping services should be discrete, tidy and efficient. Laicozy has developed a functional, easy to maneuver, ergonomic range of housekeeping trolleys. With multiple storage options, the optimization of space, and a high-quality finish, every detail has been studied with a focus on the comfort of the user. For 5-star hotel, it could be part of the racking system of housekeeping and storage system. The back of house storage racking system can be used in a variety of back-of-house storage applications by mounting existing pallet racking or shelving onto mobile carriages that move along rails. In the simplest terms, this type of high-density mobile shelving is a way to store more in less space. Each layer can be customized to fit for different sizes of drawers.


We have different types of carts with customize design rack system for you. We are one of the trusted manufacturers and suppliers of housekeeping trolleys and we always deliver the best products to give proper satisfaction to our customers. You could either choose our design or provide your idea and we could develop according to your need.


Please don't hesitate to contact with us.





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