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Product Advantages Of Hand Disinfection Machine
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Product Advantages Of Hand Disinfection Machine

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The hand disinfection machine is also called a hand cleaner or an alcohol sprayer. It is an electrical product that uses the principle of induction and sprays disinfecting substances in a contact-free manner to disinfect the hands and upper arms. Hand sterilizers are widely used in pharmaceutical companies, food processing plants (companies), medical and health care, banks, hotels, restaurants, and kindergartens to disinfect hands to ensure hygiene.

There are two types of hand sanitizers on the market: multifunctional (disinfectant spray + dry hands) and single function (disinfectant spray). On the surface, the former combines multiple functions to reduce equipment costs and a compact working environment. However, placing the heat source of the hand dryer and the flammable disinfectant in the same body increases the risk of fire. At the same time, the compact working environment interferes with each other during work and has a higher probability of misoperation, thereby reducing ergonomics, reducing product life and increasing maintenance costs. Although the latter is a single function, the equipment cost is higher, but safe production is guaranteed, and at the same time, it also improves the use efficiency and reduces the maintenance cost.

The pump is a key component of the hand disinfection machine. The spray effect and the length of the service life are directly related to the type of pump selected. Hand sterilizers on the market generally choose two types of pumps, air pumps and washing pumps: the air pump is a high-power anti-corrosion pump, which can work continuously for up to 50 hours and has a design life of 500 hours. It is recommended for workplaces with more than 10 people. The hand sanitizer and washing pump of this pump is a small pump. It is calculated based on a working cycle of 5 seconds and 25 seconds each time. Its design life is 25000 times. Because this pump can work continuously for 5 seconds, if it exceeds this It runs on time and has a high failure rate, so it is more suitable for workplaces with no more than 10 people.

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