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Specification For The Safe Use Of Hotel Bellman Trolleys
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Specification For The Safe Use Of Hotel Bellman Trolleys

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Specification For The Safe Use Of Hotel Bellman Trolleys

Hotel Bellman Trolley safety

1. Using Bellman trolleys can reduce manpower lifting and back fatigue. They are usually the best choice for the following activities:

Loading and unloading heavy cargo and luggage;

Reduce the number of trips during the transportation of goods.

2. Choose a suitable Hotel Bellboy trolley during the work, and determine the weight and size it can be used to carry goods:

Special trolleys are only used for special handling purposes (for example: a hotel bellman trolley with a bottom bracket can be used to carry round containers);

Determine your transportation route and remove any obstructions;

Wear safe and non-slip shoes-It is recommended to use safety shoes approved by the American National Safety Association ANSI to protect your feet and prevent heavy objects from falling and trolley wheels from being injured;

Wear gloves to get good friction;

Avoid wearing bulky, loose-fitting clothes, they will trip you and hurt you by the wheels of the bellboy trolley.

3. Use appropriate techniques to load and unload with a trolley

Bend your knees and straighten your back. Use your legs instead of your back to do this movement;

Don't use too much force, otherwise the sudden lifting action will cause damage to your back.

4. Keep the balance and stability of the cargo when unloading

Put heavier cargo at the bottom;

Do not exceed the height of your sight when stacking a pile of goods;

Place the cargo toward the front end of the bearing, and do not exceed the handle of the cart before moving heavy objects;

Make sure that the heavy object is stable and will not sway or tip over;

Transporting bulky or sophisticated instruments must be bound and fastened.

Bellboy Luggage Trolley

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