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Standard usage of hotel luggage carts
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Standard usage of hotel luggage carts

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As a tool used in the public areas of the hotel, the hotel luggage trolley is the facade of the hotel just like the lobby. The bellman's ability to use the hotel luggage trolley to deliver luggage to the room safely and quickly will help enhance guests' recognition of the hotel's service level. At the same time, care should be taken to avoid damaging guests' luggage and hotel items during use, causing unnecessary losses to guests and the hotel.

Here is the content list:

  • Three steps for using the luggage trolley

  • Transporting luggage

  • Send to the room

  • How to use the hotel luggage trolley

Three steps for using the luggage trolley:

  •  Choose the appropriate hotel luggage trolley;

  •  Place the hotel luggage cart correctly;

  • Loading luggage;

Transporting luggage

  • How to push the hotel luggage trolley;

  • Meeting guests and turning skills;

  • Precautions when entering and exiting the elevator;


Send to the room

  •  Unload luggage;

  • Put it on the luggage rack;

  • Check the luggage;

How to use the hotel luggage trolley

(1) 1. Choose a hotel luggage trolley

  • Choose the appropriate hotel luggage trolley based on the type, quantity, volume, and weight of your luggage.

(1) 2. Place the hotel luggage trolley

  • Arrange them neatly in designated locations when not in use

  • Park on a gentle road

  • Keep a moderate distance from vehicles

(1) 3. Luggage loading


  • "Take care with care"

  • "Emphasis on the bottom and light on the top"

  • "Big below and small above"

  • "Withstand pressure at the bottom and break easily at the top"

  • “Focus on the front and ignore the back”

  • “Try not to take valuables”

(2) 1.Standard pushing method of hotel luggage cart

  • Hold the handrails with both hands and maintain a normal walking speed

  • Always keep "the universal wheel at the back and the fixed wheel at the front"

  • It is forbidden to drag hotel luggage trolleys with one hand

(2) 2.Meeting guests and turning

  • When you encounter a guest, take the initiative to give way to the guest and say hello. If you encounter a guest who is blocking your way, you can stop and politely ask the guest to give way.

  • Slow down before turning and enter the turn at a large angle with all your strength

(2) 3. Entering and exiting the elevator

  • When waiting for the elevator, stand to the side of the elevator door and place the hotel luggage cart aside to avoid disturbing other people's entry and exit.

  • Try to avoid taking the same elevator with passengers. If guests request, you can go with up to 1-2 people (at this time, you should pay attention to the fact that the hotel luggage cart enters first after the passengers)

  • If you encounter a passenger using the elevator on the way, you can apologize to the guest and ask him to take the next elevator.

  • When you meet a customer when you get out of the elevator, apologize to the customer first, ask the customer to step aside, and then pass carefully and quickly.

(3) 1 Unload luggage

  • Firstly, place the hotel luggage cart on the wall side of the corridor, and after obtaining the guest's consent, unload the luggage from the hotel luggage cart in ascending order (try to avoid pushing the hotel luggage cart into the room).

(3) 2 Put on the luggage rack

  • The luggage rack can hold up to 2 suitcases. The handles and openings should face outwards to facilitate guests to access items.

  • Try not to place other luggage on top of the suitcases. If there are other luggage, ask the guest and place them according to the guest's requirements.

(3) 3. Check the luggage

  • After placing the luggage, ask guests to confirm whether the number of luggage pieces and outer packaging are intact

  • Check if there is any other luggage on the luggage trolley

Return to work promptly.

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