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The Advantage Of The Soap Dispenser Stand
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The Advantage Of The Soap Dispenser Stand

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With the development of the times, people are demanding more and more quality of life standards and more and more people are becoming concerned about public health and safety. Public disinfection products play an important role in safeguarding public health, preventing and controlling the spread of infectious diseases, and protecting and promoting public health and safety, in order to further purify the market for disinfection products. In order to further ensure public health, more and more public disinfection products are beginning to appear in the market.


·What’s the soap dispenser stand?


·The advantages of soap dispenser stand


·The reasons for using soap dispenser stand.


What’s the soap dispenser stand?


Hand sanitizer and dispenser accessories help maintain and modify hand sanitizing stations in locations where access to soap and water is not available. They include stands for mounting dispensers and pump kits for dispensing sanitizer directly from bulk containers.



The reasons for using soap dispenser stand.


With everything going on in the world right now hand hygiene is very important. The addition of this automatic hand soap/sanitizer has been fantastic. It's basically ready to go right out of the box. Just add D cell batteries and fill the refillable reservoir with the liquid of your choice and you're good to go. It is easy to mount on a wall or on the stand like we did. There is an on/off switch on the side to avoid unwanted dispensing and a simple key to open the cover to access the reservoir. Everything works as advertised and we are really happy with it.


The advantages of soap dispenser stand


Hand Soap Dispenser can working with most gelhand sanitizers or liquid soap, Hand Soap Dispenser in brushed/black with Floor Stand is ideal for use in offices, schools, warehouses, food service facilities, manufacturing, hospitals and much more. Made with stainless steel, heat and impact, this product is made to provide long-lasting strength and use, ideal for high-traffic areas such as restrooms, kitchens, break rooms and lunchrooms. Top dispensing technology reduces risk of leaking valves. Automatic, hands free operation for improved hand hygiene. Quiet, powerful battery-operated dispenser uses four C batteries (not included) for longer life. High 1200mL (40 oz) capacity dispenser helps reduce maintenance. Equipped with a site window so you can easily monitor the soap level refill when needed. Dispenser is equipped with lock and key. As a bonus feature it includes a floor stand for freestanding option.

·       Works with most bulk gel hand sanitizer and liquid soaps

·       Automatic, hands-free operation

·       Battery operated

·       Lock to prevent theft and vandalism

·       Requires less frequent refills

·       Batteries not included, sold separately

·       White color

·       Sleek floor stand allows you to use this dispenser anywhere

·       Quiet dispensing

·       Site window to monitor soap levels

·       Keys included

·       An attached Drip Tray catches any extra sanitizer so your floors remain clean


As mentioned above, the soap dispenser stand has many advantages and it can be used in supermarkets, schools, hotels, gyms, fitness centers, and many other applications. Using the soap dispenser stand contributes to the prevention of the spread of germs in disinfection wipe dispensers. We have strict quality control in the production of public disinfection products. In addition to the soap dispenser stand, we also have a wide range of other products, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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