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The Classify Of Hotels
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The Classify Of Hotels

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Hotels are generally classified by their location and style. The more stars, the more luxurious the hotel is. For the most part, classifications can vary within each type of hotel style. Normally we classify the hotels by location into resort hotels, airport hotels,casino hotels, economy hotels, conference center and commercial hotels. The hotels are also classified to 5-star,4-star and 3-star,2-star,1-star according to their service and reputation.

Resort hotels are frequented by the customer on vacation. When we go for fun and enjoy the resort, we hope we could have relaxed and good experience in the hotel. This kind of hotel comes with popular amenities like spas, pools, beach or mountain locations, on-site kids’ activities, restaurants, pool bars and babysitting services. Of course, the more star, normally with more comfortable facility and good location to enjoy the nature.

Airport hotels are of course near the airport. It is designed to have clean rooms and are booked because of their close proximity to the airport. Often, they offer shuttles to and from the airport. Many airport hotels offer business amenities and restaurants for guests. When we need to book for our business partner and customers, choose a good hotel and have a meeting there for customer’s convenience is a good choice.


Casino hotels are unique because they provide preferential service to gamblers. The most famous Casino hotels locates in Las Vegas and Macao. Casino hotels are often luxurious and offer full on stop service restaurants, indoor shopping, pools and fitness facilities. These hotels offer plenty of night life including shows, dance clubs and comedians.


Economy hotels provide limited amenities at reasonable rates with better price. Economy hotels offer basic room accommodations, and many do not have full service on-site restaurants. The price is affordable for most of us. Of course you can not compare the service with resort hotel. Every service has its price.


Conference centers and commercial hotels are designed for business. It features multipurpose rooms that can accommodate seminars and business programs. They have banquet facilities that can serve and accommodate large parties, and also offer equipment and acoustics suitable for speakers and visual presentations. When company need to arrange a big meeting or launch an event, you’d better choose a suitable centers and commercial hotel.


Suite hotels appeal to business people that prefer a separate work space or families that want one room, yet also want some room separation from children. They often feature multiple rooms, and may have a pull-out bed in addition to the main sleeping area. Suite hotels have a broad range of amenities, and can be classified as high as a luxury hotel, or as a basic economy hotel, depending on the location and the services offered.

Of course, we classify the hotels into starts. Then base on what?


One-star hotel is typically small hotels, located near affordable attractions, with basic facilities, with a family atmosphere. Limited range and simple facilities and meals. Acceptable standards of maintenance, cleanliness and comfort


Two-star hotel is economy hotel, small to medium size hotel, located near moderately priced attraction. Guest can expect little more than a one star, these kind of hotels is easy to be found compared with other hotels as the price is acceptable for most of us and service is better than one-star hotel.

The three-star hotel is spacious accommodation, well equipped room and decorated lobbies, located near business areas, moderate to high price attractions, usually have medium size restaurant that serves breakfast through dinner. Facilities such as direct dial phone, toiletries, Room service, and pool are often provided. If you want to enjoy your trip with comfort but cannot afford high price. It will be good for you to consider.

Four-star hotel is large formal hotel, located near major attractions, above average service levels, more than one restaurant, 24 hrs room service, laundry, valet parking, travel desk, wellness center, pool, high class room décor. And you could


superior hotel, high level of accommodation and service, large property, hotel lobby and rooms with stylish furnishing and linen, all modern and high-end facilities and amenities, at least three restaurant, 24 hrs room service, concierge to assist you 24 hrs. And normally there will be shopping mall and restaurant near.

Five-star hotel is highest level of accommodation and service, this hotel provides all 5-star facilities like ultimate decor and high degree of personal service like butler service. And you could have one stop service from eating to shopping to fun in this hotel without going outside.


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