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The Room Service Trolley For Hotel Room Food Service
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The Room Service Trolley For Hotel Room Food Service

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We offer functional room service equipment, which includes room service tables and trollies, hot boxes, beverage restocking carts and tray stands with a variety of room service equipment accessories to help you with transporting hot food to your hotel rooms or catering venue. Today I want to introduce you our most popular products room service trolley.

We offer oval or square top table options with tri-fold or bi-fold drop leaves to help you with room service at your hotel or for transferring food at a catering event. From your first-floor kitchen to your top-floor suites, with our room service trolley, you can delivery many foods easily in one time to save time and labor. Swivel castors for easy maneuvering around hotel room. Room Service table moves subtly, smoothly and quietly, whether rolling to guest rooms or returning to the kitchen. Vinyl-coated storage racks eliminate noisy metal-to-metal contact when transporting food warmers or other items.  Reliable and easily dishes can be served warm directly to the hotel room of the guest with hotboxes.

Our oval-shaped, right-sized tables won't crowd your guest rooms, and make it easier for guests to reach everything on the table. Plus, our unique center-leg design gives diners extra legroom, and the storage racks flip up to allow unobstructed seating — enhancing conversation and optimizing the guest experience.


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