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The Use Of Hotel Room Service Folding Table
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The Use Of Hotel Room Service Folding Table

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The room service trolley is known for its versatility. It is used for the service to guests in their rooms. The waiter sets up the meal and covers
on the trolley and push it into the guest's room. The room service table
may also be used as a dining table in the privacy of the guest's
room. Beneath the trolley top, provision is made for mounting a
hot case to keep the food warm.


Tri Fold Square Room Service Table Trolley with Laminated 18mm plywood table top and foldable leaves, comes with PU Edging. The mild steel frame is in powder coated finish, with additional laminate for table underneath, supporting mechanisms, and 5" dia polyurethane wheels.


A functional designed and smooth-rolling room service table with wheels from Laicozy offers user-friendly ease for staff and guests. optional unit-to-unit connectors also allow one person to pick up or deliver a train of multiple tables — saving time and labor. Our oval-shaped, right-sized tables won't crowd your guest rooms, and make it easier for guests to reach everything on the table.


If you don’t have idea which model fits for your hotel, please consult us for help.





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