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The Use Of Induction Hand Sanitizer Is Very Important
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The Use Of Induction Hand Sanitizer Is Very Important

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Hand-washing is a very common and small thing for all of us. After all, we have been told since we were young to "wash our hands before and after meals." Therefore, cultivating the habit of washing hands frequently is our attitude towards hygiene and cleanliness. Then with the changes of the times, the way we wash our hands is also changing. I remember that when I was a child, I used soap to wash my hands, and then soap. Now, whether it's in my home or in public stores such as shopping malls, hand sanitizer has become the mainstream.

The sensory hand sanitizer is smart because it has a built-in infrared sensor that can automatically sense and spray hand sanitizer, which is a great benefit for lazy people like me. Through repeated tests by myself, the infrared sensor of this product is very sensitive. I stretched my hand under the nozzle and immediately sprayed out hand sanitizer, saving time and effort. Especially for children, they can easily develop the good habit of washing hands frequently in the chic without the need for strenuous kneading.

Or some people would say that many high-end hotels and shopping malls have seen and used such products, and there is nothing new. But that kind of hand sanitizer is expensive and not suitable for home use. Therefore, the induction hand sanitizer is a household application, and the price is about one hundred yuan. It is worth reading my application experience below.

Once the machine is turned on, the power button requires a little more effort to press and hold for a few seconds to turn it on, and the same is true for turning off. However, it requires more effort to turn on the mobile phone. Of course, you don't need to mind too much, because the power button is only used when you turn on the phone once and replace the soap later, not frequently.

Besides, the soap bottle is a transparent and layered design, so that we can clearly see that the soap is replaced in time when it is about to run out.

The depression angle of the liquid nozzle of the induction hand sanitizer is 20°, which is in line with the natural state of hand extension during our daily use. It is true that we can stretch our hand at will, and it can be intelligently sensed and discharged at an extreme speed. We no longer need to deliberately stretch our hands to The bottom of the nozzle prevents the hand sanitizer from spraying to places other than the hands.

To sum up, as a smart sensor hand sanitizer for home use, the sensor hand sanitizer is not only small and beautiful and useful, but its greater feature is that it is different from the traditional push-type hand sanitizer bottle, which can achieve both hand and hand washing. The almost zero contact of the dispenser (contact when replacing the soap battery), which effectively reduces the contact with bacteria, and greatly keeps away from the damage of influenza, epidemics and other diseases. Washing hands with an induction hand sanitizer is no longer a simple personal hand washing and cleaning, but also provides a more layer of hygiene protection for the health of the whole family.

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