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The Wet Wipe Dispenser Stand From Laicozy
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The Wet Wipe Dispenser Stand From Laicozy

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Since beginning of 2021, the covid 19 start to affect the life of our life. So, the disposal mask is a must in our dairy life to prevent the spread of virus. Besides of this, we also need to keep our hands clean without virus and germs.

Public awareness of how germs are transmitted from person to person has popularized the use of disinfectant wipes and sanitizing dispensers which help prevent the spread of germs. Antibacterial wipes are utilized to disinfect and sanitize nonporous surfaces which have been proven to be essential for preventing the spread of germs and controlling dust. They are commonly utilized in high and low traffic areas, in private and public facilities, such as bathrooms, airports, train stations, bus depots, restrooms, nursery schools, food service facilities, health clubs, spas, doctors’ offices, laboratories, physical therapy centers, hair, nail and tanning salons, retail stores, hospitals, assisted living centers, offices, manufacturing plants, cruise ships, gyms, breweries, restaurants, and supermarkets.


And laicozy have a solution to make it easier with our wet wipe dispenser stand.


Whether you operate a gym, salon, or spa, it’s important to keep things clean and sanitary. Our floor stand wipe dispensers provide a neat, clean place to both dispense and dispose of bulk surface and hand wipes.


Our gym wipe dispensers can be displayed prominently at your front desk or locker room, making it easier than ever to disinfect and keep your facility clean. Guests will be more likely to wipe down equipment on their own without hand touch, helping to stop the spread of germs and keep everyone healthy.


The premium design and manufacturing of this product makes it one step ahead of all other gym wipe floor dispensers on the market.

The entire structure is made with lightweight but durable stainless steel. With its lightweight design on top of a heavy base, the overall structure is much more stable than other dispensers.


Disposal Bucket Included. This helps keep your gym clean and provides an easy and accessible place for your members to discard the wipes after use without having to find a trash bin.

Sleek And Stylish A great dispenser that provides a premium experience and sleek, stylish design. Great gyms pay attention to details to make their customers feel special, and a metal gym wipe floor dispenser can provide that experience at an affordable price.


I believe you all need it to keep everybody healthy. Just contact with us by sales08@laicozy.com


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