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Touch-free Soap Dispensers--More Hygienic Hand Washing And Disinfection
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Touch-free Soap Dispensers--More Hygienic Hand Washing And Disinfection

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Why choose Touch-free soap dispensers

Why we use electronic dispensers

What our hand sanitizer stand can offer you?


Why choose Touch-free soap dispensers

After you use the restroom – particularly in public facilities like schools, offices, gyms and airports – you are expected to go to the sink and wash your hands. Although the routine is familiar, the type of soap dispenser typically varies from one facility to another. Some restrooms employ touchless, automatic soap dispensers while others offer a manual option, and some even have another dispenser for hand sanitizer near the exit.Although hand hygiene has become more normalised in everyday life, the selection of the right products for your business or site is key in encouraging this to continue. There are a variety of solutions to increase hand hygiene in commercial environments. In some areas, it is ideal to fit small handwash basins with either lever or touch-free taps, whilst in others, freestanding hand sanitiser units would offer the perfect solution. 

Where it is not possible to place a handwashing station, for example at the entrance of shops, hotels, restaurants and shopping centres, free-standing self-contained hand sanitiser stands offer the perfect solution. Laicozy branded touch-free hand sanitiser dispensers come on a high-quality stainless steel stand with a small footprint making these ideal for this application.

Why we use electronic dispensers

Touch-free soap dispensers can enhance hygiene and reduce maintenance. As you don't need to touch the units to operate pathogens are not transferred on to the surface of the product making them easier to keep clean and reducing the transfer of these from person to person.

Adjustable stand for Automatic INFRARED SENSOR NONE TOUCH Hand Sanitizer Dispenser.

Infrared Sensory Hand Sanitizer Dispenser available separately.

Maintaining a clean and safe environment is the priority current, which is essential to our family and colleagues. We always put our customers’ safety and health first.

What our hand sanitizer stand can offer you?

Made of high-quality metal with premium powder-coated finish, the freestanding hand sanitizer station s sturdy. The reinforced base gives excellent stability on the ground, super sturdy to use for long service.

It is equipped with a drip tray that prevents leakage from falling on the floor, keeping the floor clean.

Freestanding telescopic lifting stand with an adjustable height. Easy to adjust the dispenser position to your best-preferred height for maximum comfort.

The metal hand sanitizer dispenser stand works with most wall-mounted sanitizers with hanging holes to match many types of sizes, allowing you to save time.

Portable heavy-duty hand sanitizer floor stand is suitable for high traffic areas, such as restaurants, lobbies, hospitals,schools and universities, also is necessary and important for business re-open.

Promotes safety and hygiene is our common goal each day. Let us keep hands clean and sanitized at all times.


Movable sensor soap/sanitizer dispenser,

Height adjustable,

Post-mounted drip tray catches excess solution.


Dia 38mm stainless steel tube in brushed finish,with item LLK-501A

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