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Troubleshooting Of Smart Hand Sanitizer
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Troubleshooting Of Smart Hand Sanitizer

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Troubleshooting Of Smart Hand Sanitizer

1. The working status indicator of the smart hand sanitizer does not light up

Failure reason: 1. The power switch is not turned on 2. The power plug is not connected properly 3. The fuse is broken

Removal method: turn on the power switch, check the power plug and power wiring board, check the fuse

Second, no spray

Failure reason: 1. The position of the hand is too far away from the infrared sensor window 2. The sun or strong light directly shines on the infrared sensor window

Exclusion method: stretch your hand into the infrared sensing area to avoid strong light irradiating the machine

Three, the nozzle is blocked

Failure reasons: 1. Dirt on the surface of the infrared sensor window 2. Impurities in the liquid, blocking the nozzle by hand touching the nozzle

Removal method: clean the sensor window (organic solvents are not allowed), use a funnel with a filter to add liquid, do not use liquid containing impurities, and do not touch the nozzle

Fourth, the spray is weak

Failure reason: The grid voltage is too low

Removal method: check the grid.

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