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Housekeeping Trolley is a trolley (also referred as housekeeping cart ) which is used to stock all necessary guest supplies in accordance with the allocated numbers of rooms that are required by housekeeping department in effectively performing hotel operation. It is used to replace the supplies in the guest rooms. Housekeeping Trolley is a very effective housekeeping tool as it is capable of carrying large number of new supplies and equipment and soiled linen and trash. And it is designed to provide a separation of clean linen from soiled linen and trash. The Housekeeping Trolley usually includes three deep shelves for stoking linen and supplies. The cart normally contains two bags which are for collecting soiled and a amenities tray on top that provides storage space to accommodate a variety of cleaning items and disposable supplier.

  Laicozy offers a vast selection of well-designed Housekeeping Trolley, including Hotel Housekeeping Trolley Room Cleaning Service Cart, Hotel Guestroom Metal Housekeeping Cleaning Trolley Maid Cart and Housekeeping Maid Cart Room Service Cleaning Trolley etc., they have the following advantages:

l  Our maids’ cart is spacious enough to carry all the required supplies for one shift work.

l  Our cart can be compared as a giant tool box, It can be stocked with all the required amenities to complete a complete shifts room cleaning.

l  Our cart is light weight, easy to clean and easily maneuverable.

l  Our cart can provide a total separation of lean linen from soiled linen and trash.

l  Our cart has a logical layout which can help you well organize and well stock the supplies and amenities before starting each shift.

l  A well-stocked Laicozy cart will avoid unnecessary trips to the floor pantry.

l  Our cart is affordable and of good quality.

  Our products have been recognized by many clients. If you want to have an improvement in efficiency in the housekeeping department, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

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