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What Is The Bellhop And The Bellhop Trolley?
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What Is The Bellhop And The Bellhop Trolley?

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A bellhop is a hotel porter who helps patrons with their luggage while checking in or out. Bellhops often wear a uniform, like certain other page boys or doormen. This occupation is also called bellman and bellboy.

A bellhop is a person whose job involves carrying people's luggage in a hotel. The main job of a bellhop is to help hotel customers transport their luggage to their rooms, or to their cars when they're checking out.

Usually when you check in at a place with bellhops, a bellhop will approach you and say "Can I carry your bags?" Some places you need to give them some tips for their service.


And how they move your luggage to your room? Of course, there is an equipment called bellman trolley which they use for carry your heavy luggage and suit case.


And our company Laicozy is the manufacturer for producing different kinds and sizes of bellhop luggage carts.


Our standard size bellboy trolley is made from thick walled 304 stainless steel tubing which will not dent with luggage being stacked on it. 

Our trolleys have a titanium coated, brushed or polished finished so as not to show handprints though they are still polished to perfection giving your guests the right first impression about your hotel.

Built to keep its good looks for many years, heavy-duty thick-walled tubing is used throughout.

Under the carpet a heavy-duty plywood deck makes the trolley quieter to use and less intrusive upon your guests.

Our birdcage trolleys are fitted with 200mm non marking castors with roller bearings to make them easy to push. Laicozy’ deluxe birdcage trolleys have 2 fixed, 1 swivel, and 1 brake wheels.

5 Star Stainless Steel Luggage Bellboy/Birdcage Trolley gives your guests the right first impression about your hotel.


Laicozy provide both OEM and ODM for hotel supply,and we also have our team to help you on one stop solution for your hotel opening preparation.


If you need professional help for hotel furniture sourcing, just contact with us.





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