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What Retractable Posts Can Help In Daily Life
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What Retractable Posts Can Help In Daily Life

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What Retractable Posts Can Help In Daily Life?

Retractable Posts are everywhere in our daily life.

You could see it in the airport, entrance of the stadium, the check out couter of shop and supper market, the waiting area for hotel shuttle bus.Everyday you may see it at least one time in anywhere. 

Retractable posts are movable cordon rail seats used to isolate queues, guide the flow of people, or prohibit traffic. If you are a merchant who uses retractable posts, then you should read the following carefully. When the flow of people is large, you should not blindly place retractable posts into monotonous straight lines just for avoiding trouble. Think about the your customer just want to order hamburer and a cup of coffee in Mcdonald's ,while watching the long queue makes he/she feel that it will take a long time, which adds to the psychological burden and anxiety of your customer, then your customer may give up the line,  you may lose one by on potential customer.

Therefore, the correct placement of the isolation railing seat also requires skill. In public places with a large flow of people, users should place retractable posts in several S-shaped passages, which can greatly shorten the straight-line distance between queues and form a foldable vertical flow of people.

The retractable posts used in the exhibition are different from ordinary public places. At this time, retractable posts are used to prohibit pedestrians from crossing and protect the boundary of the exhibits. According to the condition of the exhibits, such retractable posts can be placed in a forbidden straight line, or the exhibits can be surrounded on all sides and placed in a circle or square by retractable posts.

The correct placement of retractable posts can meet the isolation requirements. It is not effective to place polished retractable posts. It is necessary to change the shape of the placement at any time according to the flow of people using the venue to cope with different passenger flows. This also reflects the value of stainless-steel retractable posts. Laicozy provides many differnet kind of stanchion post for option. If you need customize your line, just feel free to contact with us for solution.

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