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What is Housekeeping Cart?
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What is Housekeeping Cart?

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What is Housekeeping Cart?

Maid cart is a very effective housekeeping tool as it is capable of carrying large number of supplies and equipment. The trolley is used to carry the cleaning accessories such as sprays, cleaning scrub, water and bedsheets. It is largely used when the rooms are cleaned and the bedsheets are changed. The entire room is cleaned and sanitized for which all the materials are kept on the trolley.



Even a room attendant cart or a chamber cart is also can perform as a cleaning equipment by removing and carrying of cleaning materials, soiled linen and garbage. Use of maid cart can reduce the valuable time of a housekeeper as it provides an assurance.


Housekeeping requires toting around a lot of supplies to effectively and efficiently prepare a guest room with clean towels, linens, bathroom supplies and more.

regarding availability of all guest supplies together. The maid cart or the room attendant cart is usually positioned in the linen room where other housekeeping supplies are also stored. These carts are available in both metal and wood.


At Laicozy, we help to make your job easier by providing high-quality hotel housekeeping carts for all your housekeeping needs. All of our housekeeping carts are available in a wide range of sizes and styles and manufactured with functionality and stability in mind. With shelving for towels and linens, vinyl bags for laundry and trash, and storage space for restocking supplies, our housekeeping maid carts will help you execute your job seamlessly and keep all your equipment in one neat and organized mobile location.


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