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Why You Should Always Use The Luggage Rack In Your Hotel
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Why You Should Always Use The Luggage Rack In Your Hotel

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·What's the luggage rack used for?

·The advantages of luggage rack

·The reasons for using luggage rack.

It's as much a part of the hotel furniture as the TV stand or the minibar, but the humble luggage rack has a dual purpose. If you’ve been putting your suitcase next to your bed or on the floor in your hotel room, you might rethink your behaviour after reading this.

·What's the luggage rack used for?

Sure, the hotel room luggage rack keeps your suitcase at a handy height, but it can also stop the spread of bed bugs.

The study found that bed bugs are attracted to the odour of sleeping humans, and dirty laundry gives off a similar attraction. If travellers leave worn clothing in close proximity to sleeping areas, the nasty little critters take the opportunity to hitchhike on the dirty clothes.

The results found that bags containing dirty clothes were significantly more likely to attract bed bugs than those containing clean clothes.

By using the luggage rack in your room, you are elevating your suitcase off the floor, making it significantly harder for bed bugs to get inside and contaminate your clothing. When you’re not using the suitcase, as an extra precautionary measure you can zip it up. 

·The advantages of luggage rack

Perfect for any size accommodation and helps prevent guests scratching your good tables and benches.

Luggage racks will go a long way to assist with your AAA grading.

Features of luggage rack

Easy to fold, easy to store or transport

With bumper to protect the wall and put the luggage on the shelf

Transparent rubber cushion on the back can protect the wall from damage

Comes with 4 Heavy Duty Black woven strap

Extended hind legs increase stability

Provide polished stainless steel, black finish, aluminium alloy.

·The reasons for using luggage rack.

New with extra strapping for heavier suitcases,Our stainless steel luggage rack with strong heavy duty strapping. Our racks have been constructed from high quality tubular steel for added strength, however remain light and are easy to store.

Do you have guests coming to stay? Incorporate Laicozy hotel-style Luggage Rack into your spare room and welcome your guests with a convenient spot to keep their bags.

This sturdy rack features four webbing straps as well as scuff guards on the top bar to prevent marking your walls or furniture. With a weight capacity of 25kg, this handy folding rack is ready to use straight from the polybag - no assembly is required!

Get prepped for your next big adventure with the Reese Luggage Rack from Laicozy. This wood rack features a stunning espresso finish and can fold up for easy storage.

Laicozy's Luggage Rack is perfect for getting ready for a trip

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