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Why is the bellman trolley so important
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Why is the bellman trolley so important

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In stars hotel lobby, there are luggage trolleys for conveying hotel luggage trolleys and luggage carts 

for porter or bellman to use to transport luggage for hotel guests.    

The hotel trolleys are designed for the somewhat elegant ambience and usually also offer a hanging device for suits, shirts and other items of clothing that should not crease.

Hotel luggage trolleys are available with round Birdcage or angular frames and with or without finials.

The luggage trolleys usually featured titanium gold body,and equipped with red carpeted deck with titanium gold skirt and full wraparound bumper. Quality solid brass luggage trolleys or stainless steel 

luggage carts, suitable for heavy duty.  They symbolize the hotel's image and also a  respect for  the  guests.

 With best quality and functional Bellman Cart, your hotel's image is not only impressive, but the service can be improved as well. The Hotel trolley can help the bellman to improve their work efficiency and protect the expensive equipment and decorative wall of the hotel.

Laicozy's bellman trolley is perfect for use in your hotel, motel, spa, convention center, or any other establishment. 

With these transport trolleys, your guests' luggage will get safely to and from the hotel room. All models consist of a storage area for suitcases and bags.

Contact us for additional information and bulk pricing.



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