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Advantages of infrared Sensor Hand Soap Dispenser Stand
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Advantages of infrared Sensor Hand Soap Dispenser Stand

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Advantages of infrared Sensor Hand Soap Dispenser Stand

As the covid 19 last almost 3 years and now peopele are more careful about the public health.

So it is very important to put more hygiene equipment in public places ,such as mall, restaurant, airpot, office, stadium, library, school, government building,etc. Laicozy's foot pedal hand sanitizer despenser station can help people to keep your hand safe from bacteria.

1. The induction soap dispenser is different from the touch soap dispenser, which eliminates the possibility of cross-infection and is more in line with the pursuit of health and hygiene issues.

2. The induction soap dispenser belongs to the high-tech planning field, adding a technological smell to the rigid days.

3. It is more convenient for children to use.

4. The power consumption is small, the cost is low, and the home use is also very cost-effective.

Precautions for induction soap dispenser

1. The induction soap dispenser has a lower scale area. When the soap is used in less places, it needs to be compensated in time, otherwise the soap dispenser will not be able to discharge.

2. The induction soap dispenser cannot be washed with water. Generally, the soap dispenser is made of ABS resin or stainless steel, and it only needs to be cleaned with a wet towel.

3. Avoid bumps, heavy blows and falling during use, otherwise it may damage the fine structure of the sensor soap dispenser and cause it to fail to operate.

4. When the sensor soap dispenser is no longer in use, the battery at the bottom of the machine should be taken out to prevent battery leakage from damaging the machine.

If you like to develop your own brand with your own design,we could also help to work on your project.

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