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Airport Crowd Control Barrier Post
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Airport Crowd Control Barrier Post

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Airport Crowd Control Barrier Post

When we arrive in the airport, we need to line up for check in and check out. There are so many people each day in the airport, so we need some equipment to control the crowd to keep everything in order. Due to covid-19, it is very important to keep distance between people, so the belt or rope stanchion post are the very great equipment to solve this problem.

Now we can see control barrier post in almost every airport to stop the spread of virus. And it also adds as a decoration as you walk into airport.


Made of stainless steel, guarding against moisture, rust, corrosion, and high temperature. They are super sturdy and more cost-effective among similar products. Return the belt slowly and safely. Heavy base makes line dividers standing more stable. Anti-skid design at the bottom safer. The assembly and disassembly of the stanchion can be easily completed. You can install and uninstall posts faster in a fairly simple way, without requiring specific tools. Moreover, they are easy to clean and maintain.

For Rope Stanchion Post, the length of the cord is good with many colors for option and they look very professional. For retractable Queue Crowd Control Stanchion Post, it has 3 belt sockets to facilitate 4-way connection with other post.


And Dura Steel Sign Holder match perfectly with our Dura Steel Stanchion. Our sign frames are designed for A4 and US Letter sizes, which means you won't be struggling to find a size-fitting paper for the frame. Make sure to buy them together. Graceful And Professional Design, minimalist design makes the sign simple and clear for your customers to see. Our sign holder is your best helper when controlling the queue or traffic.

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crowd control barrier post

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