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Hotel Bellman Trolley Hand Truck Luggage Cart
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Hotel Bellman Trolley Hand Truck Luggage Cart

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Hotel Bellman Trolley Hand Truck Luggage Cart

A wide range of Bellman's Equipment including Hand Trucks and heavy-duty bellman Luggage Carts. A wide range of hotel porter trolleys, folding hand trucks, bellman's carts and trolleys for your hotel doorman, delivery man, bellhop or bellman to move hotel equipment or guest luggage around the hotel. Built for both indoor and outdoor use, Laicozy’ s bellman carts are designed to move with ease and demonstrate great control over uneven and rough surfaces. The superior performance is the result of innovative engineering and design. The 8” caster configuration and quality also contribute to the ease with which carts can be handled, even with heavy loads, in extreme weather conditions.


Trolleys and hand trucks can be custom made with carpets to match your hotel decor. The surface could be brushed,polish and Titanium gold. Carpet could be red, black, blue, gray, etc. Folding Hand Trucks with sturdy solid brass construction, Bumper strips to protect hotel walls, Pneumatic wheels for easy navigation, Long fold up drop nose, Stainless steel frame, Rubber mat and vinyl bumpers ,8" wheels for easy navigation, Platform truck has a reinforced steel deck.

Bell Boy Birdcage Luggage Trolley




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