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Crowd Control Barriers
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Crowd Control Barriers

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Crowd control barriers is widely used in Banks, post office, theater, airport, station, hospital, airport, subway, shopping malls supermarket cashier's cash trading places customer property and information security, exhibition centers, hotels, clubs, clubs, business building as mobile isolation protection system, to maintain order, division of scope, the guide line of the best choice!

The main function is to maintain the privacy of individuals, but also to maintain public order, keep the role of the public distance.


Manufacturing procedure: Usually the main pipe is a 201 stainless steel pipe with a diameter of 50cm, matched with a head pipe with a diameter of 63cm, a 201 stainless steel tube chassis with a diameter of 320cm,350cm and 360cm, and a sand rubber base.After cutting, polishing, welding, electroplating and a series of processes, it becomes an assemblable part.All the parts can be assembled into a complete railing seat by connecting them with screws in order


Packing: All finished accessories are packed after installation, debugging and cleaning.

Generally with plastic bags, pearl cotton and other protective materials, respectively after packaging, into the carton.The head, rod and chassis are usually divided into 3 separate parts and then put into cartons, 2 sets per carton.The inside of the 5-layer carton is a finalized foam box, which can completely guarantee that the products will not be damaged in the process of transportation, and will not increase the weight of the package, so as to facilitate customers' delivery.


There are two type of crowd control barriers: Retractable Belt Barriers and Stanchion post Barriers with ropes

Retractable Belt Barriers:The head of the Retractable Belt Barriers is equipped with a webbing, which can be pulled out and hung on another railing seat through the plastic accessories at one end of the webbing to complete the connection between the two railing seats


Surface treatment: Polish, brush, gold, black powder coating

Belt color: Black, blue, red, yellow, green, grey

Belt size: 2m, 2.5m,3.0m


Stanchion post Barriers:The stanchion post  is connected by a railing rope, and the hook of the railing rope is hung in the hanging hole around the hanging plate

Hook : polish ,brush ,gold; Dia.32mm,38mm.

Rope size: :1.5m, 2m, 2.5m or to order.

Poly Rope color: Black, blue, dark red, fresh red

Velvet Rope color: Black, blue, red gold, brown


There are three types of base can be option for above two type of crowd control barries :

1) Dia 350mm plat base

2) Dia 320 mm horn base

3) Dia 360mm taper base

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