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Hotel Bathroom Waste Bin
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Hotel Bathroom Waste Bin

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Hotel Bathroom Waste Bin

The hotel bathroom is an important part for guest room.

If your bathroom is not tidy nor comfortable, it will be bad experience for the guests.


A good step trash can will keep your bathroom clean. What’s more, if you choose good style, then your bathroom may look very warm the guests will feel relax.


Our bathroom waste bin normally made by stainless steel, capacity is from 3L-6L, these sizes are perfect for small space. The surface could be brushed, gold, black, white, etc. Its fashionable appearance is suitable for many bathroom themes.

Infuse your bland bathroom with a warm opulent touch by displaying richly finish liter step operated waste bin. Our pedal dust bin normally has an inner bucket for easy disposal and clean. Space saving with a strong steel pedal. It features a closed design to conceal trash, offering a clean look to any room in the house. Display it in the corner against those stark white walls to add a touch of glamour and luxe. From your small dorm room to that tiny apartment, this beaming beauty is sure to make your space shine with our style!

There are so many advantage to add our beautiful and functional pedal bathroom dustbin in our bathroom.

A step activated lid adds convenience, by keeping garbage and its unsightly odors solely within the confines of the interior plastic bucket. Easily remove the bucket by lifting the metal handle to clear the contents then slide it back inside when finished. The non-skid base also prevents the bin from slipping or tipping over, making it great to use within or outside your home. Laicozy’s waste basket bin, your best choice for bathroom.




 Hotel Bathroom Dustbin

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