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Hotel Furniture for Hotel Project
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Hotel Furniture for Hotel Project

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Selecting furniture for the project can be headache for a new hotel. There are lots of rooms, public places, lobbies, areas to furnish. One of the key steps before shopping around is to calculate the number of fitted furniture sets for rooms, lobby and public areas that will need decoration and furniture. This can be done just by calculating the number of rooms, their sizes and the number of public areas that will require being furnished in the project.  And better provide a full design for both rooms, kitchen, lobby and public places.


If you don’t want to waste lots of time in doing everything by yourself, the best way to save time is to find a company who is very professional in one stop solution for hotel project.


Laicozy can help you on this from room decoration and design to sourcing furniture.

Our factory is specialized in designing and producing 3–5-star hotel, villas, apartment and club furniture. If you already have a design and can show us your style and tell us your budget, then we could help on all the hotel supply including the sofa, bed, wardrobe, wine cabinet, doors, chair, chaise, dresser table, art, outdoor furniture, bellman trolley, indoor dustbin, outdoor trash can, hotel housekeeping cart, laundry cart, luggage rack, stanchion post, Linen, amenity and kitchen products and so on.


Laicozy provide customized service for furniture.

Good self-made furniture fitters, such as those at unique furniture bedrooms, will apply top quality materials that have been handcrafted to meet your specifications. The made of measures parts are carefully crafted and rigorously checked to ensure they’ll fit into spaces perfectly.  Unlike cheap mass made furniture, laicozy’s fitted furniture comes with six years guaranteed due to our confidence in the quality work put into every project.


We can provide quality furniture for any kind of space for the hotel and resort, which will be made by our highly skilled carpenters to your taste and prices specifications and we provide quality services all around the world.  Please don’t hesitate to contact with us by sales08@laicozy.com


For more detail please visit our website www.laicozyindustry.com


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