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Hotel In-Room Dinning Service
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Hotel In-Room Dinning Service

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In-Room Service is offered to provide dining convenience to in-house guests who wish to have their meals served in a private area. All equipment must be portable and durable to withstand constant movements. Associates have to be specially trained, as they are required to work independently without supervision. Room service may also be provided for guests on cruise ships. Room service may be provided on a 24-hour basis or limited to late night hours only. Guests can place an order for room service on the phone by service no.

Whether you’re time-zone–hopping, feeding a hungry team during an impromptu meeting or looking for quiet, private dining, you could call room service and they will delivery the delicious food with fresh drink by room service trolley with hot box to your room very soon.

Room Service is available in all star hotels and resorts.

Room Service is available 24 hours

Guests are given a high-quality, detailed “Room Service” menu.

All Room Service orders are cleared from the guest room within 45 minutes after being served, or as differently requested by the guest.

Service is courteous, rapid and discreet.

Before serving a room, the room service associate checks that room service trolley with hot box is provided and that it is of satisfactory quality.

The presentation must be flawless (linen, equipment etc.).

Ensure that dishes are always of high quality and that they are presented elegantly.

Ensure that the following service rules are respected:

Appropriate temperature of both, food and beverages.

Butter at the correct temperature.

Bread rolls/pastries slightly warmed.

Freshly made coffee or tea.

The food is well prepared in the hotel kitchen and keep warmed in the hot box and can be put on the room service trolley and delivered to your room. The hotel room service is foldable and could be easily pushed into the door of room. And you choose to enjoy the food with the foldable Room Table inside the room, very convenient. After you finish the dinner, you just need to call service for staff to take the room service cart back. They will push the room service cart back to washing room. And you enjoy the In-room Dinning Service without leaving your room and also your room won’t get dirty.


If your hotel needs nice room service trolley to improve your service.


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