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Hotel linen cleaning must be strictly done in four aspects
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Hotel linen cleaning must be strictly done in four aspects

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In order to strengthen hotel linen washing and cleaning, so that guests can use clean and hygienic hotel linen, especially the reasonable cleaning and use of hotel linen to reduce loss, as a professional hotel manager, the characteristics and washing requirements of hotel linen, etc. There should be detailed learning and understanding.

Sorted washing: It is strictly forbidden to wash catering linen and guest room linen together, and the laundry staff is required to implement the standard. In the case of insufficient washing, some small machines are purchased in the early stage of preparation to wash the square towels used in the restaurant. Restaurant linens should also be strictly classified. Insert tablecloths and pad towels can be washed at the same time, but square towels (hot towels) that touch the guests’ faces must be cleaned by small machines to avoid cross-infection and contamination. health.

Dirt linen: For linen with serious dirt, such as black marks, oil stains, tea stains, juice stains, shoe polish and other stubborn linens, the service personnel must be required to initially remove the stubborn cloth during the closing or closing process. Select the grass and explain it when you send it to the straw house. Use strong washing to clean this type of linen.

Selection of supplies: When choosing detergents, you must compare the market and communicate with your peers to understand the characteristics of various detergents, whether the chemical raw materials are too heavy, whether they are toxic, the washing effect, etc., by purchasing reasonable, practical and non-toxic detergents, Can achieve the purpose of cleaning cloth. In order to save costs, many companies blindly choose some cheap laundry products in the market. The vicious circle of this method is not only the inadequate cleaning of the linen, especially the use of inferior cleaning products, which accelerates the wastage of the linen. For the purpose of saving costs, it has also become the ending of "losing my wife and breaking down".

High-temperature drying: High-temperature drying is an important step in the cleaning of hotel linens. In order to avoid the spread of bacteria, the technical aspects of high-temperature drying also need to be exquisite. For the industrial dryer used in the hotel, when choosing a dryer, you should choose some good reputation in the industry, and the machine is durable. This type of dryer has the characteristics of high startup efficiency, fast heating, low noise, and more accurate temperature control. The laundry staff must master the washing and drying standards for all kinds of hotel linens. The drying standards for linens with high cotton content and polyester hotel linens are completely different. Drying at the same temperature will cause some fabrics. The grass is not clean enough, some over-drying causes hardening. Of course, it is not possible to invest too much in linen. The uneven heating directly causes the inadequate drying and sterilization of the hotel linen, and the unreasonable sanitation.

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