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Hotel Mobile Folding Stage Platform
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Hotel Mobile Folding Stage Platform

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Laicozy supply a huge spectrum of Portable Stage System Hotel Mobile Folding Stage. Strictly adhering to the universally accepted standards, our offered range is thoroughly examined by our quality controllers at every stage of production.


The H Stage matches most traditional portable / wheeled stages found in hotels.That can be finished with a pleated stage skirt on request.Given the weight it is usually not possible to deliver across grass or gravel. In general, the hotel stage is not suitable for delivery to marquees.

Pedestal the noodles adoption import the 18 mms high-quality gum to match plank, the surface sticks a red and high-quality carpet, and the set bottom paints for the black. Being normally using will not transform for 6years.the new style stage has 2 kinds and can regulate feet and all hardware accessories have to all pass by to defend a rust processing, then spray with the static electricity. set structure firmness, the whole frame is the 5 MMs thick angle steel to constitute, structure nicety, can fold, easy to deposit, fold the bottom of the backstage to have convenient four feet round the customer to push.

Our mobile Portable Stage is designed to be handled and set up by just two persons, creating significant labor and cost savings for you! Since each stage unit is self-contained, there is no need for bulky deck or frame storage trucks — a valuable feature that not only saves time and money, but also storage space.


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