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Hotel Room Service Table with Food Hot Box
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Hotel Room Service Table with Food Hot Box

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Room service is one of life's greatest luxuries when we’re on the move and enjoying the offerings of our amazing Hotels and Resorts. When you work as closely with these industry leading commercial kitchens and foodservice professionals, you come to learn of several challenges they face daily when it comes to delivering food to guests at optimal temperatures, and in just-cooked condition. It might come as a surprise that many room service trolleys on the market, are just not cutting it in terms of adequate capacity, versatility and usability for our high-end venues’ operational needs.

Laiczoy has a history of manufacturing new innovations specifically suited to the international hotel market and our unique food service requirements. The reasonable designed and engineered folding room service table is one such invention answering unique industry challenges.

Ideally dimensioned and stable side table for hotel rooms and restaurants; foldable sides for narrow passages. Also available on request with integrated hot box for keeping meals hot.

The hotel room service trolly with hinged side parts can be nested to save space

It has tray frame for hot box, folding with 2 brakes as standard, diagonally placed electric hot box and standard hot box. And both hot box models are ideal for ensuring meals stay hot on their way to guest rooms.


Welcome any Hotels or Resorts that are experiencing difficulties in room service or prepared food delivery to try our Food Room Service trolley. We can better serve you in getting your first-class meals from A-B quickly, efficiently, safely and in perfect condition. Room service has never been easier or looked so good.


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