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Hotel Sign Stand
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Hotel Sign Stand

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Sign holder is normally coming with a stanchion post together to be use in front of the coffee shop, restaurant, trade show, hotel hall, airport, public place to give you sigh where to go or to put some advertisement. For example, when you go to the hotel, there will be a stanchion post with hotel sign board on top to tell you the direction to the buffet. And sometimes when you go to have dinner outside in the mall, before you enter the restaurant, there will be a floor stand sigh holder with the nice food pics in good price for advertisement. Then you can order the food right away.

The sign frame provides view for customers to see clearly about the information, very convenient. The sign stand allows adjusting the height of advertisement. Slide-in Frame makes the change of poster easy. It is suitable for use in hotels, galleries, museums, restaurants, lobby, bars, etc. Simply slide out the old advertisement sheet, and then place your new poster in in the frame. A heavy-duty steel base stabilizes the height adjustable pole.

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