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How to extend the service life of the induction hand sanitizer
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How to extend the service life of the induction hand sanitizer

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Induction hand sanitizer is a modern household, hospital, hotel cleaning supplies, restaurants, offices, etc. But under normal circumstances, the hand sanitizer will not flow out automatically, which can easily constitute an interspersed infection of germs. Since I was a child, I have known to wash my hands before and after meals, so the importance of washing hands is self-evident. However, if you choose a traditional push-type hand sanitizer or a scrubbing style, there is a possibility that the infection will continue.

Its main purpose is to be able to automatically supply hand sanitizer. When in use, stretch your hand within the sensing range to automatically supply hand sanitizer; each time it is sensed, it will automatically give 0.8cc, which can effectively control the spoilage. In order to ensure that this product will give full play to its common functions and extend its service life in future work, please pay attention to the following points:

1. Please read the product manual carefully before using and equipment.

2. When equipment this product, first check whether the wall is flat, and wipe the wall clean.

3. It is necessary to have reflective objects under the sensor.

4. After finishing the equipment, please transfer the instruction manual to the manager or user.

5. Do not place obstacles within the sensing range.

6. Do not mount stainless steel or other reflective objects or equipment similar to photoelectric sensors on the countertop directly opposite the induction window to avoid malfunction.

7. Do not place the equipment in direct sunlight to avoid malfunction.

I believe that many people are also squeezing out the sharing of hand sanitizer. At least I am like this. I always feel that the hand sanitizer bottle is not clean, so I would rather not press the hand sanitizer bottle. This should also trouble many people. Now Revo can easily solve To solve this problem, get hand sanitizer with zero contact, and you can get it at your fingertips, making hand sanitizer full of technology! Improve the quality of life, increase the joy of life, but also care for family health.

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