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How to wash the hotel quilt
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How to wash the hotel quilt

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With the increasingly fierce competition in the hotel industry, how to improve the quality of hotel service has been paid attention to, and the quality of hotel linen and the sanitary conditions of the linen are the issues that guests are most concerned about. The core is one of the hotel linens. The important part, how to clean to maintain a clean and tidy state, is also what the hotel people want to know. Below we will introduce the types of hotel quilts and washing methods:

Duvet core

Due to its warmth retention, constant temperature performance, moisture wicking performance, close-fitting performance, etc., duvets are light and pressure-free and have long-lasting performance. They are favored by high-quality hotels. Duvets are generally filled with direct filling and down filling, with three-dimensional and cut-through styles.

Chemical fiber quilt

Chemical fiber quilt is widely used in hotels of all levels because of its lightness, good thermal performance, and economical price. Generally, the filling materials in chemical fiber quilts are also divided into two-dimensional fine fibers and three-dimensional hollow fibers. The molding process is mainly a hot melt molding process.

Washing frequency of hotel quilt

First of all, regardless of whether the duvet or the chemical fiber quilt, every washing will have some influence on the performance of the quilt, so it is not recommended to clean the quilt frequently if it is not stained. Secondly, the quilt cover of the hotel is generally changed every day, that is, regular residents usually change it once every 3 days, so the quilt is generally not easy to get dirty, and the quilt is rarely washed. Under normal circumstances, the regular washing will only rotate once more than a year.

Washing of chemical fiber quilt

The chemical fiber quilt can be washed or dry-cleaned. When washing, it is also possible to use partial washing (machine washing or hand washing).

If you really need to wash all, use the following methods: fully soak at low temperature, use mild detergent, use gentle washing mode, rinse with low temperature water and must be thorough, and there should be no detergent residue. Drying at low temperature, shaping and shaping are required after drying. Do not ironing, high-temperature drying, and drying for too long.

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